Al-Aboudi Reveals The Closest Scenario To Breaking The Political Blockage

Al-Aboudi Reveals The Closest Scenario To Breaking The Political Blockage


Al-Aboudi Reveals The Closest Scenario To Breaking The Political BlockageEarth News/ A member of the National Wisdom Movement, Rahim Al-Aboudi, revealed today, Saturday, the closest scenario to solving the political blockage in Iraq.

Al-Aboudi told Earth News, “There will be no change in the political situation or in the case of political stalemate if the discourse does not change, the intentions have not changed, there has been no change in the ceiling of demands for the political blocs and entities, and therefore there must be signs or introductions to witness the changes of the scene.” “.

He added, “I think that the tripartite alliance has given a period of thirty days towards the opposition. This changed the coalition’s data. Consequently, there may be political shifts in the alliances. If we witness these transformations, we may witness a quick breakthrough in the scene, even if there are no shifts in the issue of alliances and the return of new alignments.”

Al-Aboudi continued, “I think that the scene was not resolved by any initiative, because strong initiatives came to the political scene, such as Mr. Al-Hakim, but they did not find deaf ears and did not find real intentions to produce a strong government that could proceed with the scene.”

And he indicated that “there is one scenario, which is the scenario of renewing Al-Kazemi’s mandate again for the political scene and a change in his ministries, and this is the closest scenario if there is no external decision that turns the decision’s compass into another issue, which is that there will be another agreement or another path.”

Al-Aboudi explained, “But if the situation remained in this state, we did not see the scene of a coming government that might cross into the year 2023, and this is what I see on the horizon.”

The political process is witnessing a state of stagnation, due to the political forces’ failure to agree on a specific mechanism for forming a government.