After the failed attempt to target its forces, America sends a severe threat to Iraq and Iran

After the failed attempt to target its forces, America sends a severe threat to Iraq and Iran

Mon, 04 Feb 2019 06:26:40

After the failed attempt to target its forces America sends a severe threat to Iraq and IranThe United States threatened to use all available means against any target of the “Ain al-Assad” base where its military forces are located in Iraq, considering that the attempt to target al-Qaeda with Iranian missiles bears the direct responsibility of both Baghdad and Tehran.

The newspaper Okaz Saudi Arabia said on Monday, February 4, 2019 that a US letter reached the Iraqi government reveals direct threats to warn of not to implement the US demands to freeze and withdraw the weapons of the Iraqi factions loyal to Iran, noting that procrastination Baghdad thus paved the way to try to hit the base of Assad.

According to a source in the Office of the Iraqi Prime Minister told the newspaper that the US message carried serious threats is the first of its kind to the Government of Baghdad, whose president asked to impose round-the-clock monitoring in the vicinity of the base of Al-Assad.

The attempt to hit the US base after 72 hours of the most dangerous US-Iraqi meeting, where warned US information from trying to target its forces, as revealed by an Iraqi security source on Saturday on the discovery of Iranian-made missiles in Anbar province, .

According to the source, the Anbar province police and an Iraqi army force were able to control the rockets that were intended to launch towards the base of Al-Assad military, which is the largest base of the US military in Iraq.

The source said the three missiles were found in al-Dulab area of ​​al-Baghdadi district in western Anbar and were intended to be launched by a temporary detonator. However, the security forces managed to disable them a quarter of an hour before the launch.

In an interview with CBS yesterday, US President Donald Trump said it was important to maintain a US military base in Iraq so that Washington could monitor Iran.

“One of the reasons we want to keep it is because we want to watch Iran somehow because Iran is a real problem and I want to be able to monitor it.