Advisor to Prime Minister: Visiting China launched a hornet’s nest .. We do not respond well to insults

Advisor to Prime Minister: Visiting China launched a hornet’s nest .. We do not respond well to insults


Advisor to Prime Minister - Visiting China launched a hornets nest .. We do not respond well to insultsAbdul Hussein al-Hanin, an adviser to the Iraqi prime minister, said on Tuesday that the visit of the Iraqi delegation to China was attacked before it was launched and launched a “hornet’s nest”, while noting that an Iraqi-Chinese forum would be held soon.

Al-Hanin said through his Facebook account: “Before the visit began a massive smear campaign against it without real justification, the fear of the launch of major infrastructure projects and the end of an era I want it to continue without clear success erases all the myths that want to market times of war, devastation, hunger and oppression Slavery is a beautiful time. ”

He added: “We started before the visit to prepare packages of projects that start within a short period, God willing, which turns the country into a large and wide workshop, and ministries and provinces were directed to submit their files with high accuracy so that each province takes its share of projects as well as projects across the provinces such as highways, railways and ports Airports, etc. ”

“We now have an ongoing workshop with the Chinese and there is an Iraqi-Chinese forum to be held in Baghdad between 40 major Chinese companies sponsored by the Chinese embassy in Baghdad, as well as Iraqi companies to follow up projects,” he said.

“The Chinese will soon roam the streets and alleys of different Iraqi cities, along with Iraqi workers, engineers, workers, administrators and others, where hundreds of thousands of jobs are expected,” he said.

“Our friends and lovers fault us that our media is weak,” he said. Burning the country in Arab and foreign cities. ”

“We simply do not do good insults, we do not answer them. We do not have enough time to respond to a huge amount of lies. Work is continuing and we will not stop lies, propaganda and making falsehoods,” he concluded.