Add the Kurdish language for the new currency requires a constitutional amendment

Economic Committee: Add the Kurdish language for the new currency requires a constitutional amendment


BAGHDAD / JD / .. the committee said that the addition of the Kurdish language to the new currency requires a constitutional amendment, noting that the Government has so far not submitted to Parliament a proposed law amendment.
A member of the Economic Committee and the representative of the Iraqi List, Qusay Ebadi’s / JD /: “The Add the Kurdish language of the Iraqi currency during the process of removing zeros requires a constitutional amendment, “noting that the Parliament has not received yet from the government proposal to amend the law allows the Central Bank Add Kurdish to Arabic in the currency.”
said a member of the economic and parliamentary deputy for the Iraqi List, “that the bank Central earnest the process of deletion of zeros from the Iraqi currency and plans to launch early next year. ”
The central bank was likely put new Iraqi currency after deletion of zeros in the first of January.
said Central Bank Governor Sinan Shabibi’s / JD / “The Bank will work to put the currency Iraq’s new after deleting three zeros in 1/1/2013. ”
said central bank governor, “there are many procedures and many misgivings Bank is keen to implement them in order to be the process of replacing the currency safe and easy.”
The parliamentary Finance Committee had revealed earlier in the contract for the Central Bank companies with a major currency is printed from a high-quality paper. ”
said a member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee Magda al-Tamimi that “the cost of the actions dedicated to the currency exchange at 150 million dollars.” .. She noted that the “currency exchange and withdrawal be gradual through the process of deposit in banks,” saying, “The withdrawal of currency be gradual and not once as in the switch before.”
noted Al-Tamimi that “the Finance Committee follow-up to the Central Bank and to share what is going on the process of printing Iraq’s new currency. ” It quoted a member of the parliamentary finance committee, “a talk by the Governor of Central Bank” Shabibi “” The deposit in the banks when you switch the currency would be one place and controlled to protect the currency from counterfeiting. “/ Ended / 11 n
Source: dananernews