Accusations against officials of the CBI has nothing to do with economics, nothing to do with currency

Shabibi said that his hand was withdrawn from the Directors of the Central Bank and has served as the governor and outgoing an arrest warrant charges against the bank that “private motives behind them.

Shabibi said in a statement singled out by telephone told all of Iraq [where] in conjunction with a parliament session today to discuss the central bank policy that “some of the accusations against the central bank is not economical and spoken unrelated to the dinar currency and dealings, but is trying to harness this topic particularly motivated which makes us to Anrd, but I will return to Baghdad next Thursday and me documentation refutes all Amatrah against officials in the bank. “

He added that “the basic problem dating back to the central bank could not lend the government which the latest is a clear gap and increased the gap until I got things to ماوصلت him now.”

Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki said in a press statement that “heads big fall issue of the Central Bank,” adding that “the central bank governor refuses to let us know anything, one of the places monetary policy and sells dollars and stir the market and the dinar, while the government does not have any income basis” he said.

He pointed out that “Shabibi talking three years ago about the great imbalance in the central bank,” noting that “no possesses expertise in the field of money and monetary policy, but abide by the constitution, which stipulates that the Council of Ministers responsible for monetary and fiscal policy,” describing the “intervention in the case of came after the central bank to lower the value of the dinar against the dollar. “

Maliki noted that “the opponents of the House of Representatives, politicians and imams Friday in the country do not know the facts issue of the Central Bank,” he said.

The House of Representatives discussed at its Tuesday policy of the Central Bank after he had finished his holiday, which lasted more than twenty days.

The arrest warrant issued in suspended earlier, right Central Bank Governor Sinan al-Shabibi and a number of officials in the bank charges relating to corruption and financial manager, where there was international intervention and a local by the United Nations Mission in Iraq and the U.S. embassy in Baghdad, in addition to the intervention of the Presidency and some leaders of the blocks political, and demands for President of the Supreme Judicial Council Medhat al-Mahmoud intervene, and who was not aware of the arrest. “

The Cabinet decided earlier assigned Chairman of the Board of Supreme Audit Abdul Basit Turki Department of the Central Bank of Iraq to succeed former Governor Sinan al-Shabibi.