A Saudi station: Abadi will surprise Maliki with a large coalition includes Sadr

A Saudi station: Abadi will surprise Maliki with a large coalition includes Sadr

2017/12/30 17:03

A Saudi station - Abadi will surprise Maliki with a large coalition includes SadrBaghdad today

Saudi Arabia’s Al Arabiya television channel reported Saturday that a new political alliance headed by Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi will be formed in Iraq and will include Moqtada al-Sadr, Iyad Allawi and Ammar al-Hakim.

“Abadi will surprise Nuri al-Maliki with his new alliance because he will include large blocs such as Sadr, Allawi, Hakim and others, as well as Sunni parties and clans in the liberated Western areas of the Da’sh control, especially Mosul,” Al-Abadi said. Has the support of religious reference and regional and international consensus. ”

Abadi ended the debate on the postponement of the elections and confirmed the procedure on time and gave the Electoral Commission the green light for 205 parties to participate in the elections.

The deputy of the province of Nineveh Abdul Rahman al-Loizi, confirmed on December 26, 2017, that the list of current Prime Minister Haider Abadi have a great chance to get the votes of the people liberated areas in the elections.

The leader of the civil assembly for reform Hossam al-Azzawi, stressed on December 25, 2017, that the parties and political blocs in the movement of the ongoing agreement on future alliances according to the approach of “national civil serious,” while the way the political thinking in Iraq has become fabricated from the former “awareness Young”.

While Vice President Osama Najafi, on 12 December 2017, that all the alliances of the Kurds with the Shiites failed and turned into political conflicts victimized by the Sunnis.

The political blocs began dialogues between them and get closer to those who want to alliance with him to run in the upcoming parliamentary elections, while the MP from a coalition of state law, Kamel al-Zaidi, that the map of political alliances will witness qualitative changes “fluctuate” the results of the upcoming elections.