A new budget account inventory… a statement of the size of salaries and the Kurdistan file

A new budget account inventory… a statement of the size of salaries and the Kurdistan file

2024-06-12 01:20

A new budget account inventory... a statement of the size of salaries and the Kurdistan fileShafaq News/ The representative of Sulaymaniyah Governorate in the Iraqi Parliament, Nermin Maarouf, revealed on Wednesday the amount of money allocated to the Kurdistan Region from the country’s general budget.

Marouf said during a press conference attended by Shafaq News Agency, “The size of the country’s general budget this year amounted to (211) trillion, which is a supplementary budget for last year. It is also more than last year’s budget by about (13) trillion, and it includes a (7%) increase in expenditures.”

She explained that “the current year’s budget was a list of expenses and revenues, as it is a supplementary budget because the Iraqi Council of Representatives, for the first time in the history of Iraq, approved the first three-year budget.”

Marouf confirmed that “the current year’s budget is devoid of a regional development budget because the amount of money allocated for that, in addition to food security, was large and not all of it was spent. What was allocated this year is only (5) trillion for the development of the regions. As for the investment budget, it was about (55).” One trillion dinars, while the current budget increased from last year.”

Regarding the region’s share in the budget, Representative Nermin Maarouf confirmed that “the region’s share according to the budget was (12.67%) and amounts to about (20) trillion and (901) billion dinars, while the region’s share of the ruling budget, which is not financial, but rather a share.” The ration card, medicines, etc. are about one trillion (300) billion dinars, and (69) billion have been allocated for the Kurdistan Regional Parliament elections.”

She pointed out that “the region’s share of the investment budget amounted to about (5) trillion, and this amount was the subject of controversy among some blocs about its size compared to the size of the investment budget in the rest of Iraq.”

Marouf stated, “This amount includes about (2) trillion and (700) billion oil production costs and one trillion (400) billion oil transportation costs. This means that the investment budget did not reach about one trillion, so the region’s share will be about (16) trillion from the budget.” current year.”

Regarding the share of the region’s salaries in the budget, Marouf confirmed, “(11) trillion and (500) million dinars are allocated for employees’ salaries at a rate of (900) billion and (65) million dinars per month. These amounts are sufficient for the current salaries and do not include any variables in employee salaries.”