A higher committee to supervise the deletion of zeros from the currency

10/03/2012 – 9:43 p.m.

Formed the parliamentary Economic Committee in cooperation with the Central Bank of a joint committee to begin the process of deleting the zeros of the local currency. Said MP Abdul-Hussein Abtan “The Committee will oversee the process the process of removing zeros from the local currency, which is scheduled to begin next September.” 
He added that “the Commission will provide technical and legal requirements, administrative and paint nature of the Iraqi market and suitability to delete the currency during the stage preceding the start delete currency as well as increase public awareness about the details of the process of removing zeros from the currency.” He pointed out that the central bank, “promised” that he could make a change of currency and delete zeros in order to “reduce inflation” in the country. Announced the Economic Commission representative that it has agreed with the Central Bank to begin the process of changing the local currency in the next September. Announced the Central Bank is considering the requirements of cracked the project to delete the zeros of the local currency to enact a law governing the implementation of the project or not, noting he is looking this file with the cabinet because he is a national project to support the Iraqi economy.