A banking source: Officials running the networks, currency speculators

A source bank for “banking operations illegal and legal are managed in secret in the state banks and the eligibility to benefit from government funds and private, which remain for long periods in the banks,” pointing out that “the funds are subject to rates completion of projects and government contracts related to contracts for the purchase of arms for the army.”

The source, who declined to be named, that “these funds amount to about $ 30 billion, as well as government funds are agreed to keep it rigid between stakeholders and between some of the banks to manage the business with a network of currency speculators inside and outside the country,” alluding to “operations buy currencies from the Central Bank of Iraq and to benefit from the profits of selling black market, “saying it was” about $ 3 billion dinars per day across the country. “

The source noted that “the survival of that money in the coffers of banks and generates very profitable rates of interest on the accounts of some parties, personalities and government officials,” according to the source.