CBI decides to diversify fiscal policy in 2013

Iraqi central bank decided to diversify its financial policies in 2013 through the sale of gold and government bonds and foreign citizens.

The deputy governor of the Central Bank of the appearance of Mohammed Saleh told all of Iraq [where], “The Central Bank has decided to not only his financial selling foreign currency from the dollar to the banks, but will have a monetary policy variety in 2013, through the sale of gold and government bonds and foreign directly to the citizen. “

He added that “the sale of bonds and gold to home will not be a substitute for foreign currency, but falls within the new monetary policy, which could be sold by the citizen or the bank to liquidate financial value and benefit.”

He explained that “the Central Bank is granting called / leave, investment funds /, a company issued its instructions, and function to promote financial transactions of gold bullion and bonds to the citizen, and this company is non-banking financial institution.”

The Finance Committee in the Iraqi Council of Representatives, called for the central bank to cut the foreign currency exchange rate, to reduce the high prices of goods in the Iraqi market.