The spread of the phenomenon fraud class (10) thousand in most of the southern provinces

A member of the Finance Committee: the spread of the phenomenon fraud class (10) thousand in most of the southern provinces

Date: 09/11/2012 07:07:45 Tuesday

Baghdad (news) .. Alerted member of the Finance Committee MP / National Alliance / Faleh Surrey, the exposure of endangering the national economy after the spread of counterfeit currency with the category of (10) thousand dinars in local markets, indicating that this class easy rigging and process warping spread much in the southern provinces.
said Sari (for the Agency news (: on the federal government and stakeholders that reliable well that the proliferation of counterfeit currency between local markets and in all Iraqi provinces harmful to the national economy and at the same time destroying him, he must take government measures to detect processes and knowledge of those who stand behind it. added: The phenomenon spread counterfeit currency is not new but has spread widely during the current period, especially in the southern provinces to coincide with the current circumstances experienced by the country, and continued: What shows that behind this process hands hidden goal of destroying the national economy, whether by states or companies to pump currency Forged to local markets to disrupt the economy and the deterioration of the national currency. attributed Surrey: reasons to target the category of (10) thousand dinars for other categories by the authorities Almtakhtsh counterfeiting currency because it easy forgery through color, either the category of (25) thousand dinars be difficult to forge, according to specialists and experts because the color red can not Yatai accurately in fraud, it comes out either dark or light, while small groups They can not rigged it I check them high profits because costs forgery would be great. This has dropped the security services to many of the bands competent rigging currency. / End / 8. n. p /
Source: ikhnews