MP Mayahi suggests the CBI close banks who violate instructions on the exchange of foreign currency

Baghdad / WAP / student leader of the bloc white MP Aziz Sharif Mayahi CBI close banks in violation of the instructions currency exchange.

said told the Baghdad international / WAP / that “accusations of targeting the Central Bank are false accusations being Foundation Iraqi her rights and duties, and the duty Parliament authority legislative and regulatory may call to violations or mistakes in the work of state institutions or independent bodies. “

and added: “The auctions the central bank by negative indicators, and warned them previously and demanded develop appropriate solutions to prevent depletion of hard currency that they could pose a threat to the reserve of the Iraqi currency foreign, but we run into justifications unrealistic and defense of beneficiaries of these illegal dealings. “

and called Mayahi Central Bank to: “stop the banks that it negative indicators and trading suspicious in the sale of foreign currency as a goodwill gesture from the bank in its quest to repair bugs in Government auctions Bank. “

The numerous accusations leveled at members of the House of Representatives about the existence of mafias in the Central Bank cooperates with a number of officials to fold up Iraq in hard currency through money laundering and transactions and contracts and fake.

part Re central bank charges that the central bank works to professional and sophisticated policy in case of any suspicious transactions, the Central Bank will be held accountable for negligence immediately, denying the existence of any money laundering operations at the central bank auctions.