The rise of the Iraqi dinar against the UAE dirham

A report exchange market in Dubai for high Iraqi dinar against the dirham over the past week by 0.26%.

said, experts in a report published (statement) UAE: declined, relatively speaking, the movement of conversion, speculation and currency exchange last week in companies currency trading in the United Arab Emirates, and it coincided with the start of the new school year and the end of the holiday season, where decreases in this time of year liquidity in the forex markets

and said Sudesh Jeryan Vice President Xpress Money Exchange in Dubai, the exchange market in the country is witnessing active regular in this period of the year, while the continued movement of remittances actively strong over the past week for the communities Asian in the state, pointing out that most foreign remittances from the UAE to go to India and Pakistan, the Philippines, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Egypt, Nepal, and are made through conversion methods traditional or via mobile phones or converted into accounts banking for consumers. in workers Emirates market, the Iraqi dinar rose against the dirham over the past week by 0.26%, marking 0.0032, and the Jordanian dinar 0.15%, marking 5.1805 dirhams. The Algerian dinar dropped 0.30%, recording AED 0.0457. Sudanese pound did not score change, recording AED 1.3749. As well as the Yemeni riyal 0.0168 dirhams and the Lebanese pound registered 0.0024 dirhams. While the Moroccan dirham 0.58% registered 0.4191 dirhams. denied Egyptian bankers rumors about the link between the decline in the pound exchange rate against the U.S. dollar and conditions of the International Monetary Fund to agree to give the Egyptian government for the loan, which is negotiating it with the Fund over a year ago.

was Egyptian pound could fell to its lowest level in more than seven and a half years, following the publication of the Central Bank of Egypt’s reserves data of foreign exchange. The EFG-Hermes Holding that the central bank seems committed to a policy of allowing fall gradually pounds, and added: indicates the weak pound to the central bank moves bolder relatively what we expected, unexpected to reach the pound exchange rate against the dollar to about 6.25 pounds at the end of this year , and up to 6.40 pounds in 2013. In Syria, the Presidency of the Council of Ministers decision to determine the price of the dollar by 60 pounds in the state budget for 2013, up 5 lira almost dollar in 2012 budget, where the price of the U.S. dollar which 54.59 pounds , and issued the Syrian Central Bank book states that the Council shall Monetary and Credit monetary policy in Syria and management, while demand continued almost non-existent to buy lira, with the continued movement of conversion to branches exchange in safe areas in the country, and recorded the Syrian pound 18.456 against the dirham.

Globally , defeated fluctuations on the currency market ahead of the press conference the President of the European Bank, Mario Draghi, following the decision by the Bank of installing the interest rate, to remain at 0.75% and unchanged in the month of September. The focus is now on the statements Draghi on the details of a plan buy government bonds, which is supposed to smooth out the high return on the bonds with the most troubled in the euro zone.

According to Reuters, the euro rose to its highest level in two months, after the decision to install interest, to 1.2652 dollars, compared with about 1.2615 dollars before the decision. The single currency rose against the yen also registered the highest level in two months at 99.299 yen.