“mobile banking” to be provided as a banking service; Essential for the development of the work of banks

Baghdad (news) .. Called a member of the Finance Committee MP / coalition of Kurdish blocs / Najiba Najib, to introduction of modern technology in the banking sector through the provision of banking services to mobile subscribers, to facilitate the circulation of cash in the country.

said Najib (of the Agency news) on Saturday: The banking sector Iraqi needs new reforms and restructuring, because the Iraqi economy is undergoing a transformation from a totalitarian system central to a free economy is the central, stressing that the banking system in Iraq is still governed by old laws and decisions that do not enable him to promote incident.

added: must work to make the sector banking line with the evolution of technological talk, which is a basic point and important banking business in all countries of the world, by connecting all banks network unified communications offering banking services to the citizen through mobile devices.

pointed to: that the federal government has formed a committee for more than two years to restructure the banks, and that the parliamentary Finance Committee continues to hold conferences, seminars, panel discussions and workshops out new legislation supporting the banking sector and its development, there is no banking system can be developed without the presence of a suitable ground him Kalaslahat and legislation.