CBI: Iraq’s GDP to rise over 33% in the coming years

The agency reported in its publication and seen by / Baghdadiya News / word to the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, deputy governor of the central bank “that the annual rate of increase would be 10% over the next three years through increased oil revenues.” Adding “not for oil, in my opinion, the GDP will not exceed 4.5 percent, but the oil sector accounts for 60% of the Iraqi economy.”

The benefit of “oil that adds a lot to the GDP every increase of 100 thousand barrels of daily oil exports add $ 3.4 billion annually.”

The appearance of Mohammed Saleh that he “hopes to exceed GDP ratio of 10% after three years if seen other sectors outside the oil industry more investments.”

Adding that “central bank reserves will exceed $ 75 billion by the end of 2013 which currently amount to $ 67 billion if oil prices remain at their current level and exports continue to perform its functions as expected.”