Sources: dealers are protected from exchange officials fleeing to Iran and Syria

09/02/2012 15:02

Baghdad / Orr News

Detect the Iraqi Central Bank for the popularity of the dollar, which sells to traders across the bomber’s has declined during the past two days from $ 400 to $ 3.00025 million thousand dollars a day, after the measures taken to curb the smuggling of the dollar, from Iraq to Syria and Iran, particularly the imposition of the traders who require conversion of the Iraqi dinar to the dollar certified checks from banks in which they have accounts on the amounts that require conversion.

The appearance of Salih, Deputy Governor of Central Bank of Iraq, “We enter the central bank to protect the exchange rate after the decline in the value of Iraqi dinar and that has led to a decline in applications for conversion of the Iraqi dinar to the dollar significantly. And about the significance of this decline, Saleh said it was because that applicants convert the currency to the dollar do not want to reveal their names or their wealth or the fear of disclosure of their wealth and the fear of taxation contained in the new tax law or the dollar in order to smuggle out of Iraq.

The traders said the currency in Baghdad, speaking on condition of anonymity that most of the conversions carried out by the Central Bank of Iraq held by money launderers protected from senior officials access on the protection of senior Iraqi officials in order to smuggle the dollar from Iraq and Syria after the imposition of international sanctions on them.

On the trading currency of Iran, “Altoman” in the exchange markets of Iraq played down in favor of the importance of this phenomenon, saying that the currency traders are buying Altoman at prices much lower than the price of traded in the markets for profit through their use in the import of Iranian goods to Iraq.

Saleh said that the demand for the dollar from the central bank escalated late last year, which was under the control and observation, pointing out that the expectations were indicating that the reason is the U.S. withdrawal and the declaration of the budget that provides for the expansion of spending, especially in the field of import and employment law tariff the new but it turns out us that the main reason is developments in the regional conditions and the imposition of sanctions and economic embargo on oil and Iran and Syria.

He explained that the Syrian pound and Altoman Iran has fallen worth, coupled with a scarcity of the dollar in the two countries. He added that the Iraqi trader tries to play the role of the merchant Jordan through the imposition of sanctions on Iraq through its re-export to Syria and Iran to imports buy from the origin in dollars and re-Tsdrehma to the two countries through Amlathma localities which holds Iraq’s losses and depletion of reserves of hard currency