CBI calls for traders to commit to an exchange rate of 1189 dinars per dollar

BAGHDAD / JD / .. called Central Bank of traders and industrialists and laminates produced other to buy dollars from banks participating in the auction of foreign currency and the rate 1189 dinars per dollar.

central bank said in a press statement received / JD / copy of it: on the stakeholders in the activity of the Iraqi private dealers The industrialists and segments other productive carrying import goods and services and production requirements and supplies various development, submission to private banks to participate in an auction of foreign currency, to finance Astiradathm through conversion or opening letters of credit and commitment at an exchange rate of $ 1189 dollars per dinar and compliance. “

and added that access to dollar “after having documents that prove they fundamentalism import and according to standard international norms of documentary credits and remittances and instructions issued by the Central Bank of Iraq in this regard”.