Jordanian banker: Kuwait, Iraqi politicians bought the silence of one billion and a half billion dollars

06/03/2012 8:43

A source in the administration of the Arab Bank of Jordan, that the amount transferred from Kuwait to the bank accounts of Iraqi special, there were one billion and a half billion dollars, the amounts were converted beginning in 2008 and so far, to calculate more than 200 “Iraq” in exchange for a no-objection to the draft Port Mubarak of Kuwait.

The source said the banking: “The remittances on how large they did not raise suspicion of Directors of the bank, although that amount represents half of the budget Jordan’s annual,” adding that “the condition is subject to receipt of such amounts, is that the share of the beneficiary of the amount and the host country of the bank interest, with half interest only, which is estimated at 2% of the direct beneficiaries. “

The Iraqi sources confirmed that “the amounts transferred is a given bribes to Iraqi politicians as a price support for the construction of the port and blocking Kuwait to build a port of Faw.” She explained that the “suspicious silence by the House and not to take a clear and explicit, as well as the position of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the port of Kuwait does not harm the interests of Iraq’s economy, which means that the money transferred from the bank I went to the pockets of the purchase of their net worth,” indicating that “the MP revealed high more than once for such suspicious transactions, “according to those sources.