The disappearance of $ 12 billion from sales of the Iraqi Central Bank

The disappearance of $ 12 billion from sales of the Iraqi Central Bank


Palm – a parliamentary source revealed early report documented figures showed the disappearance of nearly $ 12 billion from sales of the Central Bank of Iraq within six months starting from 1/1/2012.

The source said that after anonymity because of the sensitivity of information that an audit had been made with the Tax Authority and found that imports from the ports Iraqi border amounted to $ 100 billion over a period of six months starting from the first of January of the current year which is a result of the transactions on goods falling into the country worth 7-8 billion dollars.

The source explained that a return to what has been sold by the Central Bank of hard currency during the period, which exceeded 20 billion dollars, it is clear that there are nearly 12 billion dollars out of Iraq under the title import goods did not return, enter any merchandise.

And escalated in recent unit accusations wave of the Central Bank not to adopt a mechanism Court in an auction sale of hard currency as revealed members of the Finance Committee in the House of Representatives for the existence of cases of financial and administrative corruption in the dealings of the Central Bank and the presence of smuggling of foreign currency and money laundering to support terrorist activities.
Source: nakhelnews