Economist: Most of CBI actions to reduce dollar are incompetent and illogical

Baghdad (News) … The Economist advised Ghazi, soldier, the Central Bank to take steps to reduce scientific dollar Iraqi dinar, noting that most previous plans to do this effect did not last long and illogical.

Said Nelly (News Agency news) on Tuesday that most of the actions of the Central Bank to reduce the dollar didn’t work, they must be moved from the auction sale of currency the Central Bank to banks to increase the supply and reduce demand for the dollar and giving the banks a share of dollar as capital.

He added: you must give a large share of the banks for the purpose of remittances is sold, and increase the size of the “quota” for banks, currencies, foreign remittance.

Confirmed: Central Bank reserves more than 67 billion dollars and huge funds to allocate quotas to banks to sell rather than only the Central Bank only in foreign remittances and currency auction.

He continued to be reviewed by companies and increased share of instruments and the sale of gold coins in various sizes and weights of citizens that can be saved for a long time and used instead of saving the dollar as a result of the gold price is on the rise, can benefit as a safe haven.

According to: the dollar increase in companies and markets and banks reduce demand and thus reduce its price before the dinar and whenever pump more as demand drops.