Integrity Commission intends to disclose the names of those responsible counterfeiters

Babinaoz – Agencies: announced Director of Information Integrity Commission Hassan Karim Aati Authority plans during the semi-annual conference which will be held next week reveal the names of all the officials counterfeiters in the government and parliament and institutions who provided false documents.

Aati said a number of officials actually have been referred to the judiciary for making false documents. On the other hand, revealed the Parliamentary Integrity Committee for its decision to claim detects receivables leaders of the security services.

Said committee member Jawad Alshahyla that the Commission had taken a decision to require all security chiefs in the Ministries of Defense and Interior detects disclosed their financial, noting that this claim up limit position is a brigade. And added Alshahyla decision of the Parliamentary Integrity Committee came after talk about the existence of cases to sell positions or abuse of office by some for special interests.