Member of Finance Committee: We propose to issue currency category (50) thousand instead of deletion of zeros for fear of fraud

On: Wednesday 07/03/2012 10:57

Baghdad (news) .. Proposed by the Finance Committee MP / National Alliance / Magda Tamimi issue currency category (50) thousand dinars in the implementation of the project to delete the zeros of the three, to reduce the money supply raised in the local markets. 
said Tamimi (of the Agency news) on Wednesday: The security situation in Iraq is still not quite stable and does not help the execution of the great interest to the general citizens and the national economy and may get unexpected situations coincide with the implementation Kaltazoir and others. 
She added that the project to delete the three zeroes will not reduce the money supply raised in the local markets, according to claim central bank, but is merely deleting three zeros from the currency, stressing that reducing the money supply comes through the issuance of currency as a category of large groups (25) thousand dinars and (50) thousand dinars Stakhtzel being a larger mass of cash in addition to that the project does not need to ask when Enactment of the categories great. 
and warned al-Tamimi of the exploitation of some gangs outlaw the project by offering counterfeit currency and replace currencies original as in (2004) when replacing the currency, the fact that the security situation in the country risk is very completely. / Finished / 8. d.