Economic and investment representative: Height witnessed by the dollar against the dinar fully controlled

Tuesday, 06 March / March 2012 06:54

[Baghdad – | Where]

According to a member of the Economic and Investment parliamentary Abdul-Abbas broadly that the high price of the dollar against Iraqi dinar completely controlled by the central bank does not call to fear

He said Xiaa told all of Iraq [where] that “the central bank adopted a strategy to meet the market need of hard currency are reasonable and set controls for control of the deal in hard currency in order to avoid loss of control,” asserting that “the rally that has seen the Iraqi market price of the dollar dominated completely.”

“The Central Bank has taken several measures including that it was stipulated that the companies that buy foreign currency from the central bank to have a bank account in the bank,” noting that “measures will be taken to close the company is registered in the bank.”

And broadly that “the Bank formally select a price for dealing in dollars of 10 Iraqi dinars per dollar profits of the sale of one or both transfer companies banking companies,” adding that “companies that do not adhere to these Altalimatiglq.”

He noted that “the Iraqi dinar is strong there is no need to fear a decline in value and in the Central Bank reserves of hard currency [the dollar] exceed [60] billion dollars as a cover of the Iraqi dinar,” explaining that “this amount ensures the Iraqi dinar stability for years and not have to fear from the current rise “. finished 2