The arrest of an employee in the Rafidain Bank replaces the counterfeit currency

03/03/2012 11:39 

Dropped subunits Baghdad Police Directorate of the arrest of an employee working in the Rafidain Bank branch Buratha for his introduction of counterfeit currency and replace it inside the bank.

Said Colonel Mushtaq student Hamidawi that the defendant and in cooperation with the employee in the same Rafidain Bank branch Buratha, they go into the coin of the category of the ten thousand dinars and replace and distributed in the salaries of the Internal Security Forces, were seized possession of the accused 16700 sixteen million seven hundred thousand dinars, forged and 37 thirty- other than one million fake counterfeit currency has been replaced. 
Hamidawi revealed that the defendant had already been dismissed from work loyal to the former regime for embezzling $ 5 million, the accused were referred to the Office of the fight against terrorism and organized crime in Kadhimiya to complete the legal procedures against him