the region would not deal with the new currency if they are free of the Kurdish language

Re MP / Kurdish coalition blocs / Hamid rest, the claimants not to include the Kurdish language in the new currency, saying that the constitution stipulated that Arabic and Kurdish are the official languages of Iraq, saying its refusal in the region if they are free currency “demilitarized zeros” of the flag.

and said the rest of the Monday: The Constitution affirmed in Article (4) that the Arabic and Kurdish are the official languages of Iraq and the scope of the official language of all government issues both in and exported from the House of Representatives, ministers, courts and other areas that require the principle of equality (Kjeridh official banknotes and passport).

He added: Since the new currency the deleted zeros is the official currency of Iraq must be issued in both Arabo and Kurdish as stipulated in the Constitution, noting that the claimants drawers currency Arabic alone, “they think they are still living the central system dictatorship that believes Baltsultah and socialism.”

He said: In case of issuance of the new currency after deletion of zeros of the three of them without the Kurdish language under the pretext it needed to legislate a law or constitutional amendments will be rejected outright in the region and not to deal with. and calls for a number of parliamentarians in the two financial and economic legislation of new law or an amendment to the Constitution of Iraq allowed the Kurdish language to the new currency.