Next week: The Finance Committee is discussing with the central design of the new currency

Looking for the Finance Committee Parliamentary next week with an interview with representatives of the central bank within the bank several axes, most notably the design of the new currency and categories.

The Central Bank of Iraq runs a currency exchange and contribute to the Finance Committee in its work through the selection of designs of currency and various measures as have the power to control.

said committee member and MP for the Liberal bloc Majida al-Tamimi’s / JD /: “The Committee will meet with the Governor of Central Bank” Shabibi “to complement the themes that were presented to them.”

said Tamimi, “The Committee addressed the procedures for switching currency, design, and categories , and the safety factor, and discuss measures to control the currency exchange. “

said a member of the Finance Committee’s parliamentary MP for the Liberal bloc “The Committee will be on a visit to the Central Bank next week the value of the dinar against the dollar and so on.”

continues the central bank steps to delete the zeros of the three currency which demanded the government to wait until the currency swap time to time, and it was noted the bank had earlier indicated his intention to put the new currency beginning in 2013.