Economic Commission supports currency replacement and denies CBI has made agreement…

Economic Commission supports currency replacement and denies CBI has made agreement with currency printing companies

Expressed by the Economic Commission Nora Albjara, Sunday, its support for the project to delete the zeros and the replacement of the existing currency, while announcing the Central Bank of Iraq did not agree to print the new currency at the present time

The Albjara Agency / Baghdadiya News /, the “Committee for the economy and investment parliamentary and a number of council members support the project to replace and delete three zeros from the Iraqi currency is present, noting that the problems that surfaced recently makes us before the problem must be to speed up finding a solution for it.”

“The control of large quantities of counterfeit currency, which detect forged out of the country and the attributes of high-definition, big job in front of us to put an end to this organized crime.”

She Albjara feared to be the configuration of such crimes, calling the central bank to tighten control over the replacement, even if the replacement process will continue for two years that we see is also long enough to conduct any audits. “

For his part, denied the Iraqi Central Bank Urbitin agreement with two companies to print the new Iraqi dinar after deleting three zeros of them, stressing that he is now in the process of gathering information and preparing designs and consultation with the government on the issue of restructuring of the Iraqi currency and delete zeros three of them. “