CBI and Parliament agree to keep the new currency for religious and sectarian

BAGHDAD / JD / .. Committee agreed Knesset Finance with Central Bank of Iraq to be the currency away from sectarianism and factionalism. The Central Bank is working to change the Iraqi currency by deleting three zeros of them, and Almoml it is put up next year.

said a member of the Knesset Finance The MP for the Liberal bloc Majida al-Tamimi’s / JD /: “The Committee discussed with representatives of the Central Bank currency printing and repel cases of fraud when you switch the currency,” noting that “the talks produced an agreement to be large groups of the currency in safety factor high in anticipation of the fraud, which may happen when you switch. “

said Tamimi, “The Committee agreed with the bank to be images and graphics that will appear on the currency approval of the Iraqi people away from religious and sectarian or belonging to a certain area without the other.”

The Member of the Knesset Finance and MP for the Liberal bloc that “the The new currency will be in three languages Arabic, Kurdish and English. “

The central bank has decided to adopt some of the features and pictures to be developed on the currency’s new after deletion of zeros ..

and obtained by / JD / a copy of the book’s central bank, which included landmarks, historic and pictures to be developed on the currency Implications are close to the mentality of the Iraqi public and culture ..

According to the authors included a paper currency a number of monuments and pictures the most important, put a picture to bridge the imams and the magnitude of the significance of high-value if it reaches the bridge between both sides of the River Tigris and the terminal Mrakadi Imams Musa al-Kazim (AS) and Abu Hanifa (ra) .. He said the book bank entitled to the Directorate General for the issuance and cabinets: This is dedicated to the highest class of the new currency a category (200) dinars, hundred dinars, and on the back of this paper has developed a school of the Baghdad ..

He said the central bank: put on the face of the category (100) dinars, hundred dinars, pictures of the Azwaip in Baghdad, one of the areas ancient, which was set up by the suspension bridge, one of the achievements of the State of Iraq ..

Iraq is one of the leading countries in the establishment of this type of bridges, shown in the image building of the Iraqi Central Bank, in addition to the building of the University of Baghdad, the oldest scientific institution in Iraq in the second half of the twentieth century, as put on the back of the paper image (ziggurat), one of the features of construction of Iraq at the dawn of history ..

According to the book’s central bank: put on the face of the paper of class (50) JD (fifty dinars ) image of the King Codaa one of the most kings dynasty of Lagash II (King XII), a God of growth and fertility, while the back of the paper have included a picture of Fort Ukhaydir a Fort archaeological dates back to the era of the Abbasid and forts defensive unique in a deserted area, such as those built in which is situated the fort to the south-west of the city of Karbala ..

and the central bank said: that in the face of the banknote (25) dinars (twenty five dinars) was developed, the image of King Hammurabi receiving the law ..

This is the King Father’s spiritual legislation humanitarian, as in his written rules governing of life and transactions in the Mselth famous either the back of the paper have included a picture of a peasant from Iraqi Kurdistan contribute with men in the preparation of the field of agriculture ..

He said the central bank: put on the face of the banknote (10) dinars (ten dinars), a dinar, the Arab-Muslim and this represents dinar, which was minted in the reign of the Umayyad dynasty beginning of the circulation of money in the Islamic state, which hit the inside and one features of the state and its sovereignty and economic independence, while the back of the paper has developed a picture of the lighthouse Hadba in Mosul, one of the landmark development of excellence in our beloved Iraq ..

either category (5) dinars (five dinars) was placed on the face of her paper image of a waterfall entirely on Beck in Kurdistan Iraq, a reference to the state’s interest in water and its sources in addition to the interest in tourism and the environment either the back of the paper has developed a picture of a palm Iraq, a sign of a property for each land of blackness from southern Iraq to north and to honor the (aunt Palm), said Mustafa (peace be upon him) and the central bank said in writing: in line with the best applications and international experiences, he decided to stop the basic parameters of the currency notes of the categories (25000,10000,5000) dinars Traded now as it is in new series (25,10,5) dinars to enable the audience with her as a thousand imprinted in his memory. The bank was keen to choose the designs of the coins are the generality and comprehensiveness of significance, and have a positive impact on all the people of Iraq, where he put on the aspects of coins map of Iraq and highlights where the Tigris and the Euphrates, and the center of the map a circular area to install the coin mineral, while the other side of coins have included, first class (2) BD, the image of (the Monastery of Saint Matthew), a historical site and my soul is located in the north of Iraq, and taken by the Iraqis of different sects and religions shrine to seek blessings and tourism.

in included category (1) BD image are inspired incident displacement of Kurds Faili designed and prepared the Ministry of Culture. Has been developed on the category (500) fils image to fill a modern on the River Euphrates, and was intended to highlight the importance of water and means of storage and organization in Iraq, and on the category (250) fils putting pictures to fill Kut on the Tigris River, for the same purpose, and put on a category (100 fils), a picture of a lion Babylon, symbol of the power and vigor of the nation of Iraq.

and put on a class (50) fils a picture of the palm, the symbol of Mesopotamia. and class (25) fils put a picture of the Ishtar Gate in memory of great Iraqis.