CBI: The entry of an international development bank will create…

CBI: The entry of an international development bank will create a competitive environment with Iraqi banks

Central Bank of Iraq said that “the entry of an international development bank for the purposes of development will create a competitive environment between him and the Iraqi banks to provide better services at less costs.”

The deputy governor of Bank of the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, said today that “Iraq is not afraid of such a bank entry into the arena and to provide services to citizens through the launch of various loans and advances.”

He added that “Iraq needs to enter such a bank to move the banking environment where deflationary monopoly, “noting” the need to be modified laws and banking legislation all of the fact that banks are the backbone of the Iraqi economy and it should play an active role in economic development. “

The Member of the economy and investment parliamentary Nahida Daini called in earlier to enter a development of an international cooperative bank with a capital of great help to the citizens by giving them housing loans and advances.

Dani said: that such a bank will block the government’s inability in the continued firing of housing loans, which benefited many citizens, despite the high interest rate, as it would be a substitute for government and private banks in terms of facilitating the granting of loans.

According to Dani to stop the 100 salary advance after a negative effect on the citizens and disabled in the workforce engaged in construction as well as the construction materials and the movement of the market.

She stressed the need for a housing loan facilities being within the reconstruction of the country.