CBI is called into question regarding the new currency introduction early next year

Published on Fri, July 27

Never doubts about Central Bank put up the new currency beginning next year.

Deputy Central Bank Governor Mohammad Saleh appearance of future news agency reporter today, Friday, that “the study submitted by the Central Bank were virtual is that the new currency is thrown on 1/1/2013, but with changes in the subject and we doubt that this different.”

Saleh said that “Finance Committee questioned why not have launch the new currency in half? But after question specialists and experts in the Central Bank and other specialized institutions, scientist, he could not have replaced currency at this time that this is linked with the annual accounts of each institution, and this can never be so it is unreasonable that the annual accounts with two types of currency “.

The Central Bank of Iraq was announced (September 29, 2011) to 2013 will see the deletion of zeros and the currency switch, noting that current currency formed block big cash worth 30 trillion dinars.