The Iraqi government announces “multiple diplomatic successes”

The Iraqi government announces “multiple diplomatic successes”

2022-06-21 06:38

The Iraqi government announces multiple diplomatic successesShafaq News/ Cabinet spokesman Hassan Nazim said on Tuesday that the current Iraqi government came in an exceptional situation and achieved “multiple diplomatic successes.”

Nazim, who holds the position of Minister of Culture, Tourism and Antiquities, explained in the weekly press conference, that “the current government came in an exceptional situation during which it assumed great responsibilities,” noting that “Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi recommended continuing to work to face difficult conditions and provide services to citizens.”

The spokesman for the Council of Ministers confirmed, “The electricity sector enjoys the full support of the government,” explaining that “the current government continues to work and provide services until the last moment of its life.”

“The prime minister praised the elimination of the so-called governor of Anbar and dozens of terrorists,” he added.

He pointed out that “building schools within the agreement with China confirms the government’s seriousness in providing services.”

Nazim said that “Iraq enjoys great respect in the region, which has enabled the government to implement its programs and achieve economic partnerships, and that the government has achieved multiple successes at the diplomatic level and openness to neighboring countries.”