Deputy Central Bank Governor: the phenomenon of exaggerated Tzoiralamlh is no need to fear them

Friday, 02 March / March 2012 07:12

[Baghdad – where]Said the deputy governor of Central Bank of Iraq that the appearance of Mohammed Saleh long smear campaign, claiming the existence of the Iraqi currency in large quantities in the domestic market and said perhaps behind this campaign, political disputes between conflicting blocs.

Saleh said Iraq told every [where] that “the source of this campaign is not known which is causing great harm to the citizen,” but said that “the proportion of fraud in Iraq, very little is found in almost the Iraqi market.”

He added that “the phenomenon of counterfeit paper currency exaggerated at the moment does not deny its presence in the market, but it is not something scary as some call” but with that we call upon the citizens to be careful in dealing with it. “

He pointed out that “the statistical year 2011 conducted by the Iraqi banks with large funds, including Almtdoualh indicate the presence of [11 000] paper forged from various categories which are not something for the size of the funds in the Iraqi market.”

And that “the security authorities arrested a gang involved in the counterfeiting of currency and helped put an end to it significantly,” explaining that “the fraud economic crime is a major economic crimes and punished by the law account difficult if found guilty of fraud on somebody.” Ended 2