A Record Rise In The Rate Of “Domestic Cash” Outside Iraqi Banks In 2021

A Record Rise In The Rate Of “Domestic Cash” Outside Iraqi Banks In 2021

02/07/2022 | 3:21 PM

A Record Rise In The Rate Of Domestic Cash Outside Iraqi Banks In 2021Information / Baghdad..

The economic expert, Manar Al-Obaidi, revealed, on Monday, the high proportion of the local monetary mass outside the scope of Iraqi banks at the end of last year.

Al-Obaidi said, in a Facebook post followed by / the information, that “the local cash outside the banking system has increased by 50% since the beginning of 2020 to reach more than 70 trillion dinars at the end of 2021, after it was 47 trillion dinars at the beginning of 2020.”

He attributed this to “the weak banking culture and the lack of confidence in the banking system, which kept many from dealing with local banks.”

The expert explained that “deposits with Iraqi banks increased by 15% to reach 93 trillion dinars, after it was at the beginning of 2020 81 trillion Iraqi dinars,” noting that “the ratio of cash outside the banking system to the volume of deposits is about 75%, which is a high percentage. Very much compared to other countries.

He pointed out that “the private sector deposits constitute 45% of the total deposits, while government institutions’ deposits amount to 27%, while the central government’s deposits with banks amount to 28%, in contrast, the contribution of the banking and insurance sector to the GDP is less than 1.5%.”

He called for “the adoption of banking policies that increase confidence in the banking sector, as well as the adoption of stricter policies in monetary transactions outside the banking system that would increase the value of deposits and reduce the cash outside the banking system, which would lead to an increase in the banking sector’s contribution to the domestic product, which would create job opportunities. Reality in a country where the unemployment rate is more than 30%.”

Al-Obaidi considered that “Iraq is among the countries with a low banking mass, where there is a bank for every 32 thousand people, while the global average is 10 thousand people for each bank, and Iraq needs to open 3 times the number of banks and their branches that currently exist, and many of the existing banks are weak banks that depend on an auction Work on the sustainability of its work.”