Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 1-13-2022

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 1-13-2022

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions-predictions1-13-2022 Intel Guru Frank26 Article: “Changing the exchange rate…economic additions and dangerous social effects” the mother of all posts had a baby post.

1-13-2022 Intel Guru MarkZ [via PDK] …We are hearing fantastic things out of Iraq as they seem to be pushing for this weekend…I have a lot of expectations for this weekend around Jan. 15th…

1-13-2022 Newshound Guru Adam Montana […Once they open this window I believe this will grow overnight and not be able to hold the value down very long, who knows how high it will grow unless the CBI puts a cap on its growth.] …Whether the CBI would put a cap on the growth or not… I am inclined to agree that they will. But there’s a strong argument for that cap being $1.

1-12-2022 Intel Guru Bruce [via WiserNow] …I don’t care if they seat their government completely or not – that’s not something that’s going to affect what we’re doing with the Iraqi Dinar…

1-12-2022 Intel Guru Frank26 Article file – they are talking about monetary reform. Quote “in the light of international projects, which enhances a stable dinar…meaning that monetary policy requires transparency through which it is presented in the next budget.” It’s no longer a secret…as soon as the new seated government passes the budget laws, the budget, white papers and exchange rate will be exposed IMO…

1-12-2022 Intel Guru MarkZ [via PDK] [Could the RV happen worldwide and they leave the US out?] I am not hearing that from any contacts…no one I talk to around the globe has heard that…no one from DOD, DHS or banks think that is an any way accurate.

1-12-2022 Intel Guru Fleming Iraq tried to RV so that Dr. Shabibi could witness the completion of his life’s work…This RV GCR is in HIS HONOR…May he be honored throughout history for the important role he contributed in changing every System. Truly a Legacy to be proud of. Thank you, Dr. Shabibi!

1-12-2022 Intel Guru Bruce [via WiserNow] …Iraq has been doing what they are supposed to do for a long time…They do have a new rate – they had it a week ago last Sunday and then supposedly they were going to bring out a new rate this past Sunday but then their banks were closed Monday and then they were going to bring it out today [Tuesday]…Well – the latest information we got from one of our sources in Fallujah today was the big screens are there – they are going to announce their new rate and bring it out…(Wednesday) the 12th – that’s very interesting…our sources are talking about us getting started as early as tomorrow afternoon – it could be hit and miss – between now and Saturday…I feel like we really are there – Iraq is ready to go…

1-12-2022 Newshound Guru Kaperoni …Nothing is moving fast in Iraq, they’re not in a position to do anything until they have a government, pass laws and have investment for the private sector.

1-12-2022 Regular Guy Guru Vital Brad I’m just a regular guy with dinar. I try to do research on it to figure out what’s going on. I try to gather information…and decipher through some of this stuff…I’m not a financial advisor. I’ve got debt that I’m working on getting paid off. I work a job. I have a car payment. Rent…I’m working the grind day-in-day-out trying to support a family…I don’t know if this is ever going to happen. I hope just like Kuwait the Iraqi dinar revalues and the people ‘in the know’ benefit from it. I’m trying to let as many people know about it as possible so when it does happen it’s not just the elites that are ‘in the know’… everyday people have the opportunity to know about this as well.

1-12-2022 Intel Guru MarkZ [via PDK] I don’t think there is a hold up. I think they have decided exactly what the plan is and are playing it out in a very methodical fashion. I do not think there has been another “can kick”. [multiple reports that Iraq is going to go by the 15th – regardless of anyone else being ready.] I am still hearing that out of Iraq as well…We do not control the timing…but this will happen! [Rumors are Iraq released the new rate overnight?] I hear they are still pushing forward and the new rate can go at any time. This is from a contact within the Iraqi Finance ministry.

1-12-2022 Intel Guru Frank26 Article: “The Ministry of Foreign Affairs announces Iraq’s exit from the European Union’s list of high-risk countries” From black list removal to high credit ratings for Iraq. This is how you get a new exchange rate. This is how you take a program rate and you throw it back to the United Nations or whoever gave it to you. Way to go! Article: “Al-Kazemi’s comment on the European Union’s decision to remove the name of Iraq from the list of high-risk countries” What does this mean? It means the whole world is going to flow back into Iraq because there is no fear any longer. They’re stable. They’re secure. They have a currency. They have a brand new central bank even Dubai is jealous…

1-12-2022 Newshound Guru MilitiaMan Article: “Barzani: Joint work between Baghdad and Erbil contributed to Iraq’s exit from high-risk countries” I like the sounds of this article, as it is in past tense. A good sign that there is consensus between Baghdad and Erbil. The linkage of the Kurdistan Regional Government to the global system is very telling. They are achieving success today and are saying that they will look back to today, as a turning point for a prosperous global future for the people of Kurdistan. This is a good sign of change to come…All good news.. imo.

1-12-2022 Intel Guru MarkZ [via PDK] [ (Guru) Fleming also said don’t wait 30 days to redeem your Dinar, they are going obsolete when the price of oil is between 100 – 120.] I am hearing you want to get in and get exchanged…. I am still hearing we will have 30 days but, I would not dally. Best to be on the safe side.

1-11-2022 Intel Guru Frank26 [Iraq boots-on-the-ground report] FIREFLY: Saying budget is tied to the white papers and reforms must be addressed. FRANK: The budget can only work with the new exchange rate… FIREFLY: They’re saying the next session [of parliament] will be to vote on the presidents that we need and then the budget is being presented also with a vote. FRANK: Hold onto something it’s about to get REEL. What I mean by that …the Real Effective Exchange Rate.