Committee on Economics: Taking banks licensed to sell and keep the currency and smuggling

Committee on Economics: Taking banks licensed to sell and keep the currency and smuggling Atarellforeig

On: Sun 22/07/2012 18:46

Because of lack of control over the process of selling the dollar BAGHDAD – A citizen carrying member of the Committee of Economy and investment deputy Aziz Mayahi, the central bank responsible for not the depreciation of the dollar against the dinar because of the absence of effective control on the process of dollar selling by banks approved, stressing that most of the banks approved the sale of foreign currency reserves dollar and sell them to citizens. said Mayahi in a press statement on Sunday: There is financial corruption in the subject of sale of foreign currency through banks, being based on forged documents in the sales, the mismatch of reserves in dollars did not sell and the other funds are transferred to the outside Den and Rudd goods. He pointed to: that the rate of dollar selling by the Central Bank during the month of June amounted to more than (20) billion dollars, and was supposed to when you import goods from abroad, they take the customs duties of $ (5%) of the value of the goods which are deducted billion for the customs, but this figure does not have to now, evidence that the transferred funds to go out without receipt of goods (ie, operations to smuggle currency). He added that the central bank responsible for the increase in the price of the dollar against the dinar because of the lack of strict control on the process of selling the dollar and the scrutiny of the documents from which conducted the sale. And see the dollar exchange rate increased significantly against the dinar during recent times. has allowed the Central Bank’s (25) private banks to sell the dollar according to certain controls, and gives each bank a week million and (250) thousand dollars at the (1179) and sold to citizens at (1189) on the that the ratio of profit for banks (10) dinars to create a balance between the amount of currency offered and size of the growing demand to maintain the value of the dinar against the dollar, while it is still the exchange rate ranges between (1240-1250) dinars per dollar. For his part, attributed an expert in Finance on behalf of the beautiful grounds for refusal of neighboring countries handle dinar to the lack of political and economic stability and security in the country, making their confidence by the weak. Jameel said: The country still suffers from the lack of political stability and security, making the impact directly on the national currency by not dealing with abroad and a lack of confidence in the countries surrounding Iraq to deal with. He added that making the dinar desirable internationally requires the presence of productive sectors sober in the country make it a source of goods to the outside, any foreigner when buying Iraqi currency will be handled through it comes to Iraq, puts it in the issues of tourism or business, stressing that Iraq now has no goods, whether oil exporter. He pointed out: that the tourism sector in Iraq is suffering neglect from which the other would encourage neighboring countries to buy the local currency in the hope that Barvunha when they come to Iraq for the purposes of tourism
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