The Minister’s Statements Are Exciting And Desperate

The Minister’s Statements Are Exciting And Desperate

12/26/2021 | 3:34 PM

The Ministers Statements Are Exciting And DesperateQassem Al-Gharawi

Finance Minister Ali Abdul-Amir Allawi, who insisted on the reform paper embodied in the white paper to advance the economic, banking and financial reality and what this study contained of the increase in the dollar exchange in exchange for the decline in the price of the Iraqi dinar and its impact on the life of the citizen, today we are told by miserable and exciting statements about the possibility of laying off all Iraqi state employees 10 years later.

With his statement, he confirms the failure of his plan, which is supposed to last five years and reflect positively on the future of the Iraqi economy, the stability of the currency, and the success of financial plans for Iraq to recover, get rid of crises, and revive its economy according to what was planned. Despite its bad decisions to raise the exchange rate of the dollar, which raised all prices, and increased the rates of poverty and unemployment.

Mr. Abdul-Amir Allawi, Minister of Finance, who promised us good, prosperity, crisis resolution, and the recovery of the Iraqi economy in his white paper officially announces the failure of his white paper project, which means the failure of his economic project despite the availability of financial liquidity due to the increase in oil prices and the payment of Kuwait’s debts, and he was the first to propose an alternative project for oil revenues To find an alternative economy to supplement the budget in the future as long as it believes that countries will abandon the source of energy and turn to other sources.

Did the Iraqi Minister of Finance present a paper on his future vision for the fate of energy and the economy in Iraq, or was his talk just expectations away from the research methods presented in closed elite scientific conferences?

The minister should not speak like this because his life in the government has ended and all members of his government are under the principle of conducting business only, and he will not be present after ten years until he expects to lay off the employees.

One of the primary responsibilities of the caretaker government is to send messages of reassurance away from the citizen’s fears and spread hope.. through its discourse, and for future governments to work on finding well-thought-out projects and programs that will benefit Iraq’s budget on the one hand and absorb the labor force on the other hand, and not spread terror and confusion within opinion. General as did the caretaker government finance minister.