Member of Finance Committee: The new currency will witness the presence of the Kurdish language and will be released mid-next year

Baghdad (news) .. According to a member of the Finance Committee MP / Kurdistan Alliance / Najiba Najib, that the new Iraqi currency will include three languages (Arabic, English and Kurdish).

said Najib (of the Agency news) said on Tuesday: The new currency will be issued in three languages Arabic, English and Kurdish as stipulated by the Constitution Iraqi that the two official languages are Arabic and Kurdish.

she said that the currency will see the presence of the Kurdish language as agreed by the Central Bank and the Ministry of Finance three days ago, noting that the Finance Committee reviewed the models designed by the companies that will be issued and printed new currency.

ruled out Najib : Distribution of budget (2013) the new currency as a result of lack of time and not completing the procedures the central bank to be issued, confirmed, that the Finance Committee and the Central Bank agreed to put the new currency in the middle of next year and be in circulation alongside the old currency for a period of two years to complete the withdrawal of old currency once and for all. and said: You will not see any negative impact on the economy of the market and the new currency will be traded properly.