Withdrawal of money from any bank in Iraq in one year

Central: the citizen will pull money from anywhere Baghdad Boisthabv automatic

on 7.11.2012

BAGHDAD / electronic integrity

Detect the Iraqi Central Bank on Monday, on the application system “Division National,” which can be a citizen of the withdrawal of money from any bank in Iraq in one year, considering that this system paves the way for the spread of ATMs across the country, praising at the same time, step-by-Trade Bank of Iraq, by issuing a Visa Gold card .

The commercial bank disclosed a plan for the deployment of ATMs across the country, attributed the association of private banks, reasons for delay in the spread of ATM points to the refusal of hotels, malls, restaurants, dealing with credit cards .

Revealed the appearance of Mohammed Salih, Deputy Governor of the Central Bank, on “the formation of a system divided the national, which can be a citizen of the withdrawal of funds from any point and any bank, including will save cost and effort and time, because there is no bank can cover all of Iraq itself, the idea is find a company divided national per banks and customers at the same time, a system very advanced, work will start within a year or less, “explaining that” Division National will be the information company manages this issue, and we will be two races in it, because the credit card exist 40 years ago, but each bank card, and our idea of unification . ”

And the planned deployment of ATM in the whole of Iraq, he explained that “This is part of the plan of the central bank, to cover the payments system singular, after achieving the payments system wholesale,” praising the “cadre excellent succeeded in organizing the payments between banks in the first stage, while the second we’re working on now is to move to a system of payments inside Iraq of ATM . ”

Saleh said that “the Trade Bank of Iraq, is one of the government banks highly developed through the use of banking technology and payment systems, the first of its kind in Iraq issued Visa card, but it was used outside of Iraq only in foreign currency, and managed the bank’s development by giving the holder the privileges of in amount and services, also contains a bit of insurance if the bearer was an accident or the like . ”

The Trade Bank of Iraq announced the start of issuance of Visa Gold Debit Gold Card privileged world, and as pointed out it allows the holder to enjoy the overall international litigation for purchases and reservations of hotels, which will give customers the bank and the currency of the dollar, he stressed that it allows the Iraqis to use all over the world .

Saleh continued, “to issue Visa Gold is important, at a time when we are from government banks in the subject of the Renaissance, because they need to progress and modernization, and the success of the Trade Bank of Iraq, stems from the confidence of customers it and its potential, is one of the banks, the model, and proved its strength in the management of trade finance State government is excellent, after 2003, the financing of foreign trade to the government, and the successes are enormous, and proved himself in the use of information technology by both government and private banks other, so it is not surprising to the bank issuing the card gold is a race in this area . ”

The Director-General of the Bank of the Iraqi Trade Hamdiya dry, for its part said in a statement that “the issuance of such a card comes to encouraging people to handle credit card that offers them used all over the world for being a manifestation of modernity in the banking business, they are also investigating several privileges of the most important of dispensing from the use of paper money . ”

The dry that “the bank’s plan to deploy ATMs across the country, all for cash withdrawals Bammelta dinar and the dollar, as well as the agreement with the hotels and shops, providing them with devices POS POS updated to use according to the system EMV world for the purpose of fulfillment Akiem customers’ purchases of local and overseas through credit cards issued by the banks of the world . ”

She explained that “Visa Gold card is the fourth card issued by the Trade Bank of Iraq, where he issued a card Visa Classic Debit Platinum and Platinum plus MasterCard Card Master Card Credit for being a key member of the Visa and MasterCard two world wars . ”

The Trade Bank of Iraq the TBI was announced last January, a reduction in the amount of cash margins for the credit card by 50% in order to encourage a wide range of citizens to adoption, a decision to reduce the amount of insurance money allocated for the issuance of cards, Visa, and MasterCard to 250 thousand dinars, instead of the previous amount was 500 thousand dinars, in order to promote the use of credit cards for the largest slice of the Iraqi aggregate .

He also pledged to the bank to issue MasterCard cards intended for university students and uses of the Internet.
Source: alestiqama