The Minister of Communications reveals a “fiber optic network” to every Iraqi home

The Minister of Communications reveals a “fiber optic network” to every Iraqi home

10/14/2020 10:37

The Minister of Communications reveals a fiber optic network to every Iraqi homeAyna News _ Baghdad

The Minister of Communications, Arkan Shihab Ahmed Al-Shaibani, revealed, on Wednesday, the project to establish and operate a fiber-optic network for homes throughout the country, indicating that the project aims to provide digital services and integrated communications to all Iraqis at reasonable prices and multiple options that match the modern boom in the world.

In a statement reported by Al-Sabah newspaper and seen by Ayna News, Al-Shaibani said, “The Ministry’s Public Communications and Informatics Company supervises and contributes to the implementation of the project coded as“ FTTH ”for the high-speed fiber-optic network for homes, with a total capacity of 4 million subscribers ( Manzil) as a first stage to be completed within one year, distributed among 16 regions representing all governorates of Iraq except for the region, and Baghdad governorate is considered two regions (Rusafa – Karkh).

He added, “The new lines will not be limited to high-spec Internet services; Rather, it will secure other communications such as landline phone, as well as all modern applications, television services, sports channels and paid-for channels at reasonable prices, and this project will be completed within approximately one year. ”He pointed out that“ the project will work on connecting the optical cable to the Internet to every residence in order to contribute to improving the network Internet”.

And the Ministry of Communications had revealed earlier, that it is currently working to address the problem of the Internet, by switching from WiFi services (tower service), to optical internet (optical filament), to every home, while indicating that relying on optical internet will improve Quality of the website.