Corona virus paralyzes the legislative authority in Iraq

Corona virus paralyzes the legislative authority in Iraq

08/13/2020 14:15

Corona virus paralyzes the legislative authority in Iraq[Baghdad-Where]
A representative source revealed, today, Thursday, that the Presidency of the Iraqi Council of Representatives is unable to resume parliamentary sessions after the increase in the number of its members infected with the Corona virus.
The source said, “The Presidency of the House of Representatives cannot resume the sessions at this time,” attributing the reason to “the number of infections among parliament members with the Corona virus exceeding 50 deputies.”

The source added, “The injured MPs from various political blocs, in addition to the fact that some representatives are currently located outside Iraq in the countries of the region and Europe,” noting that “the Presidency of Parliament finds it difficult to resume and convene the sessions of the Council.”

Last Monday, 83 members of the Iraqi parliament submitted signatures to resume the parliament sessions suspended due to the Corona pandemic. According to a statement by MP Fadel Al-Fatlawi, to Shafaq News, the request was submitted by representatives of the various political blocs for the purpose of resuming parliamentary sessions and approving the election law.

The Iraqi Parliament suspended its sessions due to the registration of many cases of Coronavirus among parliamentarians and parliament employees. Meanwhile, House Speaker Hoshyar Qardagh revealed earlier, a parliamentary intention to hold the next parliamentary sessions through the online platform known as video conference.