Urgent Saleh welcomes the date of early elections and supports the dissolution of the parliament {expanded}

Urgent Saleh welcomes the date of early elections and supports the dissolution of the parliament

8/4/2020 12:19:49

Urgent Saleh welcomes the date of early elections and supports the dissolution of the parliament(Baghdad: Al Furat News) President of the Republic Barham Saleh welcomed the announcement of Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi in his proposal for the date of early elections on June 6, 2021.
In a presidential statement, Saleh said, “The call for early, free and fair elections is one of the requirements of the desired political reform, which is a national entitlement produced by the popular movement, as it was discussed in the last meeting of the three presidencies that we gathered with Prime Minister and Speaker of Parliament, and stressing the need to commit to holding free and fair early elections.
He added, “In this regard, we welcome the announcement of the Prime Minister in his proposal for the date of early elections, which came in compliance with the pledges made by the government program.”
Saleh stressed “the importance of serious work to achieve this government commitment as soon as possible, the political crisis in Iraq cannot bear procrastination, and the conditions of suffering that our people are going through require a courageous national decision stemming from the people’s entitlement and the right to choose an independent and coherent national government through free and fair elections.” .
He explained, “Effective solutions stem from the citizen and his independent decision, away from fraud and fraud, and influencing his electoral choice, in order to enable the country to move towards the desired structural reform.”
The President of the Republic called on the “House of Representatives to complete the election law as soon as possible, and send it to the Presidency of the Republic for approval and implementation.”
He also called for “expediting the approval of the amendment to the law of the Federal Supreme Court, and we stress the provision of the budget and facilities required for the work of the Independent High Electoral Commission to ensure its independence and preserve the integrity of the electoral process, especially since the government has initiated the required consultations with the commission, and has announced that in the event of the provision of supplies What is required is that the Commission can then hold the elections within the period proposed by the Prime Minister.
Saleh said that “if the government presents a proposal to dissolve Parliament, we intend to agree to submit it to the House of Representatives, for the purpose of submitting it to a vote, and with the Parliament’s decision, we will formally decide no later than two months after the dissolution of Parliament, as stipulated by the constitution.”
He stressed, “The holding of free and fair early elections requires international cooperation with the Independent High Electoral Commission, as well as the supervision of international observers to enable them to play their national role, protect them from interference and establish citizen confidence in the electoral process.”
Saleh added, “The national entitlement requires organizing honest elections as early as possible, in order to get our country out of its serious political crisis, and to enable the citizen to freely and independently determine the fate of his country away from extortion and fraud.”
He explained that “the essence of the crisis experienced by Iraq stems from the spread of corruption and its direct impact on obstructing the desired reform, which also affected the electoral process in the indicators of fraud and tampering with the results, which led to the absence of citizen confidence and abstention from the elections.”