“There is no intention to export.” Iraq places strategic storage of wheat

“There is no intention to export.” Iraq places strategic storage of wheat

7/30/2020 12:28

There is no intention to export - Iraq places strategic storage of wheat[Baghdad_Eye]
The Iraqi Ministry of Agriculture announced, on Thursday, that it does not intend to export wheat crops this year, stressing that more than needed will be strategic storage for the country.
The ministry’s spokesman, Hamid Al-Nayef, said, “The ministry used all natural and human resources to make wheat and other crops successful,” noting that 12 million dunums were planted during the past year, and we harvested 4 million and 700,000 tons of wheat and it was delivered to the Ministry of Trade.

Al-Nayef added, “This year witnessed the cultivation of 16 million dunums, of which 9 million dunums are for wheat, 6 million dunums and 3 million dunums.” He pointed out that “Until this hour, we are close to achieving 5 million tons of wheat, and receipt continues until right Now”.

Al-Nayef emphasized that “there is no intention to export wheat at the present time, but the surplus from the Ministry of Trade will be a strategic storage,” adding that “when the surplus reaches two or three million pounds of export to him.”

Al-Nayef indicated that “the wheat that the Ministry of Trade needs annually for the purpose of the ration card is 4 million and 500 thousand tons.”

On July 24, 2020, the Ministry of Agriculture expected that wheat production for this year would reach more than six million tons, indicating that it would reach full self-sufficiency to cover the requirements of the ration card.