Al-Kazemi signs his ministerial curriculum and sends it to parliament

Al-Kazemi signs his ministerial curriculum and sends it to parliament

11/7/2020 12:31

Al-Kazemi signs his ministerial curriculum and sends it to parliament[Baghdad_Yan]
On Wednesday, Prime Minister-designate Mustafa al-Kazimi signed the Ministerial Curriculum Book for his government and sent him to head the Council of Representatives.
A video recording published by his media office today showed Al-Kazemi signed the curriculum, saying, in a brief interview, “I sign the ministerial curriculum: Iraq lived as a land, people and national sovereignty.”

“An informed political source had earlier informed Shafak News earlier in the day that Al-Kazemi had finished the process of forming the ministerial cabinet, with the exception of the Ministry of Interior and Defense.

And that “Al-Kazimi agreed with the Shiite and Sunni forces to settle this file until tomorrow, Thursday, as a maximum, and otherwise he will go to Parliament to present his cabinet, to vote next Monday in accordance with his agreement with the political forces, without providing the candidates of the interior defense.”

And he stated that “in the absence of a Shiite – Shiite consensus on the Interior and a Sunni – Sunni defense, these ministries will remain managed by proxy by Al-Kazemi, after obtaining the confidence of Parliament, and give an additional month to the various political forces to resolve the candidates of the security ministries in a consensual manner.”

On the mechanism of distributing ministerial portfolios among political forces, the source indicated that “Al-Kazemi distributed ministerial portfolios to political forces according to the electoral merit and the parliamentary representation of the political blocs.”

He added that “the Shiite forces got 11 ministries,” the Interior, Electricity, Oil, Health and Environment, Foreign Affairs, Higher Education, Agriculture, Communications, Transport and Communications, Labor and Social Affairs, Water Resources, Culture. “The

source continued,” The Sunni forces got On the six ministries represented by “defense, education, industry, planning, trade, youth and sports,” noting that “the Kurdish forces got three ministries” finance, justice, ages and housing, “stressing that” the Ministry of Immigration and Displacement will be part of the Christian component . ”

the source pointed out , that” Kazmi sent three lists of candidates for cabin ministerial integrity and accountability bodies and justice to ensure its safety before it is sent to the House of Representatives. ”

enjoys Kazmi support most of the Shiite and Kurdish Sunni and the three major political forces in the ingredients, it has promised to give confidence to his squad Government through its parliamentary blocs in the House of Representatives

, on April 9th, President Barham Salih authorized Al-Kazimi to form the government within 30 days, less than an hour after the former Prime Minister-designate Adnan al-Zarfi announced his apology for