Al-Kazimi threatens to campaign against corruption and stresses: We will control the borders of Iraq

Al-Kazimi threatens to campaign against corruption and stresses: We will control the borders of Iraq

06/25/2020 13:43

Al-Kazimi threatens to campaign against corruption and stresses - We will control the borders of IraqBaghdad today – Baghdad

Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, Thursday (25 June 2020), vowed to launch a major campaign against corruption in Iraq, stressing work on controlling external borders.

Al-Kazimi told reporters, “There is a campaign that will be launched against gangs and influential people who control border crossings to restore consideration and eliminate corruption within them.”

He added, “The government will not allow any party to threaten Iraq and its security, and we reject foreign adventures in the country,” noting that changes will be made to the state’s sites, and there are parties that will be affected.

The prime minister continued, “The time for achieving economic challenges has begun now, and our priorities are the fair distribution of wealth and the non-compensation of some Iraqis at the expense of the poor.”

He stressed that “medical staff are under great pressure and community awareness will be very important in surrounding the Corona pandemic,” noting that “there are those who prevent the delivery of oxygen to hospitals at gunpoint.”

Al-Kazimi said that “oxygen factories will be opened and protected from the entities that threaten their workers,” adding that “there is a telegram stating that the oxygen plants are under threat.”

Earlier, Al-Kazemi confirmed that all the country’s capabilities are available to tackle the Corona virus.

The media office of the Prime Minister stated, “Al-Kazemi held a meeting with the medical services of the Ministry of Defense and the Popular Mobilization Forces, to support the Ministry of Health with all available capabilities.”

Al-Kazimi stressed during the meeting, “The Corona pandemic represents a great challenge, and all the capabilities of the state are available to confront it and treat the injured.”

He added, “Community awareness is very important to surround the pandemic, reduce casualties, and protect our people,” stressing “to salute our medical staff, and it is making the utmost efforts and is under great work pressure.”