Budget containing the financial surplus of oil added to the money retained from the previous budget.

Deputy: the supplementary budget containing the financial surplus of oil added to the money retained from the previous budget.
On: Friday 7/6/2012 9:03

Baghdad (news) .. Rule out the Vice-President of the Finance Committee MP / Kurdish coalition blocs / Ahmed Hassan Faizullah, the vote on the bill the supplementary budget in the coming days, indicating that it contains the financial surplus from oil sales and the money retained from the previous budget.
said Faizullah (of the Agency news): The draft law on the supplementary budget was hoped that up to the House of Representatives at the end of last month, but we were surprised to delay approval of the Council of Ministers, and that is delivered to the House of Representatives during the next few days. predicted: that takes a long time for approval (supplementary budget) by House of Representatives, “as usual” because of continuing discussions and proposals by the parliamentary blocs and all the point of seeking to achieve their projects and goals. He explained: that the supplementary budget include the difference financial achieved between the price of a barrel of oil subject in the general budget and of (85) dollars and the real price which it is sold a barrel of oil During the past six months, in addition to the money retained for the ministries and provinces that did not happen allocations Finance fully in the budget (2011). The Federal Government announced last Tuesday for approval of the supplementary budget for 2012, the current amount up to about 11 trillion Iraqi dinars and will be delivered to the Council of Representatives for approval, noting the allocation of 40 thousand degrees and careers as a need instant within the supplementary budget. acknowledged the Iraqi government on the fifth of November / December last year the budget year 2012 amounting to $ 100 billion (about 117 trillion Iraqi dinars) and a deficit of up to $ 13.5 billion ( about 17 trillion dinars). / Finished / 8. n. r /
Source: ikhnews