Parliamentary weightings not to pass the 2020 budget

Parliamentary weightings not to pass the 2020 budget

JUNE 11, 2020

Parliamentary weightings not to pass the 2020 budgetA number of deputies confirmed today, Thursday, that the 2020 budget is still not known for the deficit, amid expectations that it will not be passed and it is enough to prepare monthly budgets until the end of this year.

Member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee Haneen Al-Qaddou said in a press statement, “The budget will be prepared for half a year, but the deficit is still unknown, as the House of Representatives is awaiting its arrival from the central government for the purpose of taking the necessary action on it,” stressing at the same time that “foreign loans that the government intends to borrow.” National sovereignty is weakened and Iraq is shackled in preconditions.

For his part, said a member of the parliamentary finance committee Jamal panthers, said that “the government could resort to other revenues and exploitation as the best to finance the budget, where estimates are speculative indicate that Iraqi border outlets revenue ranging from 12-16 billion dollars annually but up to the state treasury less From two billion dollars, i.e. losing more than 10 billion dollars at least, as the lost money goes to the corrupt. ”

The MP from the Alliance of Raiders Riyad Al-Masoudi said, “The 2020 budget will be a monthly or quarterly budget and will be concerned with paying the salaries and the ruling paragraphs such as electricity, health and trade,” noting that “the previous government has lost nearly three trillion of the size of the internal revenue.”