Lawmaker: The circumstances of Iraq do not allow negotiations with Washington, and there is a problem with the names of the delegation

Lawmaker: The circumstances of Iraq do not allow negotiations with Washington, and there is a problem with the names of the delegation

7/6/2020 11:55

Lawmaker - The circumstances of Iraq do not allow negotiations with Washington and there is a problem with the names of the delegationBaghdad today – Baghdad

a member of the State of Law coalition, Rep. Kata al-Rikabi, said on Sunday (7 June 2020) that Iraq’s conditions are not conducive to holding negotiations with Washington in the middle of June.

Al-Rikabi said in an interview with (Baghdad Today) that “there is ambiguity in the position of the Iraqi government regarding the file of negotiations with Washington,” noting that “even the delegation that is running it has not been formally named, but has been put forward by political analysts, and the government has not commented yet, especially There are some shapes on some names. ”

Al-Rikabi added, “The Iraqi government should be clear in its dealings with America, especially since the current conditions are not conducive to conducting negotiations in light of the conditions of the country it is suffering from, the consequences of successive crises, including the Crohns, the economic and financial situation, low oil prices and security.”

He continued, “They are all reasons that do not encourage negotiations with any party, because basically whoever wants negotiations should go to him, he is strong and does not suffer from any problems.”

Al-Rikabi stressed the necessity for the Prime Minister to have a statement of the government’s position in front of the political blocs and forces regarding the file of the negotiations that will take place with America, are they complementary to the strategic framework agreement, or is there a good agreement because the latter cannot be approved without the approval of the Iraqi parliament.

It is expected that Iraqi-American negotiations will start on the tenth of this month, to find a new formula for the American presence in the country, after Parliament voted to authorize the previous government to remove foreign forces from the country.

On Thursday (4 June 2020), the security expert, Hisham Al-Hashemi, revealed 5 names of the Iraqi delegation that will negotiate with the delegation of the United States of America, and the mechanism for negotiations with it.

Hashemi said, via tweet on the Twitter platform, that “the Iraqi negotiating team with the American side on June 10 is without the rank of minister, and it consists of 21 negotiators, in terms of politics, international relations, military, financial, and education.”

He pointed out that “there are 5 names that are skilled in negotiation: Abd al-Karim Hashem, Hareth Hassan, Luqman al-Fili, Farid Yassin and Hamid Khalaf,” noting that “the dialogue is via closed televised circle.”

On Tuesday (2 June 2020), the advisor to the Prime Minister, Hisham Daoud, revealed the date of the start of the Iraqi-American negotiations, while he made clear about official representation.

“The negotiations with the United States will start on June 10 this year, and they may be at the level of a foreign minister or lower,” said Dawood in a press conference, with the media spokesman of the Commander in Chief, General Yahya Rasoul, attended by (Baghdad Today). Close”.

And he added: “We will emphasize national sovereignty, without referring directly to the withdrawal of American forces.”

He pointed out that “there are many areas for cooperation with the United States, and they are not limited to the security aspect that we may need in the future of information and training.”