Representative Amer Al-Fayez: Tomorrow’s session may witness the completion of the cabinet

Representative Amer Al-Fayez: Tomorrow’s session may witness the completion of the cabinet


Representative Amer Al-Fayez - Tomorrows session may witness the completion of the cabinetDeputy Omar Al-Fayez confirmed on Tuesday that the parliament session scheduled for tomorrow may witness the completion of the ministerial cabinet, while Representative Bashar Al-Kiki suggested that a meeting of the heads of the blocs be held, in preparation for tomorrow’s meeting.

Al-Fayez said in a statement to government media, that “the parliament will discuss on Wednesday the regular session a number of important issues,” noting that “the session may witness a vote on the completion of the ministerial cabinet if the candidates for the vacant ministries are agreed upon.”

Al-Fayez added that “the parliament will continue to hold its sessions,” noting that “tomorrow’s session is a gesture of the continuation of the sessions, as there are many draft laws that are suspended and the state cannot remain idle for a longer period.”

While MP Melhan Al-Muktar confirmed that “the session is formal and regular to discuss some important laws and not in its agenda, to vote on candidates for vacant ministries.”

He added that “the session is supposed to be a regular and proactive session to continue holding”, stressing the necessity of “the continued work of the legislature to discuss draft laws and monitor government performance, especially in the health aspect, with an outbreak of Coronavirus.”

Whereas, the representative of the Democratic Party’s parliamentary bloc, Bashar Al-Kiki, pointed out that “the agenda of the session has not yet been set,” and it is likely that “a meeting of heads of political blocs will be held today, in preparation for the session of tomorrow”.

Al-Kiki continued that “all possibilities are presented during the session tomorrow, as it is possible to vote on granting confidence to complete the cabinet in the event of the leaders of the blocs agreed,” stressing that “Parliament is ready to resume its sessions and pass a number of important laws despite the circumstances.”