American report: Mustafa Al-Kazemi is a favorite of Washington

American report: Mustafa Al-Kazemi is a favorite of Washington

Monday 11 May 2020 | 05:36 pm

American report - Mustafa Al-Kazemi is a favorite of WashingtonBAGHDAD / .. A US military newspaper, the Real Claire Defense, confirmed that the strategic dialogue between Iraq and the United States comes at a time when the US President is frustrated with the cost of the American military presence in Iraq and that the current Iraqi Prime Minister is preferred for Washington.

The report stated, “Trump’s frustration with the cost of the American presence in Iraq in addition to the specific mission. The United States has spent over $ 25 billion to train the Iraqi army, and increasingly asks why this training should continue forever if it is successful, why the Pentagon gets annoyed if it is not, and why does the United States pay the Kurdish peshmerga salary when Kurdish leaders have what Enough money to buy real estate in McLean, Virginia and Beverly Hills, California. ”

“But abandoning Iraq from the point of view of American interests will backfire. Here, the Al-Kazemi government represents the dream team: the Prime Minister was not only a former intelligence chief, but also his new defense minister was a commander of former ground forces, and the new interior minister was the chief of staff of the army. , While President Barham Salih, who previously lived in Washington, has a liberal view.

He continued, “The bases will be on the table during the strategic dialogue, but merging all American forces in Iraqi Kurdistan will be a mistake. From the logistical point of view, this would be a nightmare, as the Pentagon will be forced to rely on the Turkish mercurial leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan to resupply, so abandoning Baghdad to Tehran would snatch defeat from the jaws of victory while not underestimating how close the Iraqi Kurdish leaders are to Iran.

The report continued that “Iraq’s assistance should be used to withdraw it from the abyss by focusing on the economy not only on the army, because oil prices will rise again. American companies can invest now not only in their interest and to give Washington non-military influence, but also because the US commercial presence is denied Iran has the same opportunities. Likewise, the American investment in obtaining the flammable gas now will help Iraq separate itself from dependence on Iran for electricity, and American support for modern banking and financing in Iraq can also provide a basis for investment to help provide the necessary jobs as the population of Iraq is close to 50 million. ”

The report pointed out that “the American presence over the next decade should not only be the presence of special operations and operators of the US military, but also investors and businessmen. But simply to repeat that in Iraq, Trump’s rapid withdrawals in Syria and Afghanistan will empower Iran and undermine the highest-quality leadership team in Iraq after the war.