Jubouri opens the file of the secrets of forming the government of Abdul-Mahdi: the engineer’s house meeting changed the map of positions!

Jubouri opens the file of the secrets of forming the government of Abdul-Mahdi: the engineer’s house meeting changed the map of positions!

11/5/2020 13:44

Jubouri opens the file of the secrets of forming the government of Abdul-Mahdi - the engineers house meeting changed the map of positions[Baghdad-Ain]
Former Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri on Monday opened the file for the formation of Adel Abdul Mahdi’s government and the atmosphere that prevailed then among political forces, while accusing parties of seizing a large portion of the votes he obtained.

“What happened in the 2018 elections was a farce in terms of manipulation and fraud,” Jubouri said on a television program, noting that the Secretary-General of the Al-Arabi Khamis Al-Khanjar project “informed me that there is a problem that will occur in the elections by manipulating servers.”

He added, “The total number of votes he obtained according to the commission is 6 thousand votes and he needed only 60 votes to cross the electoral threshold,” stressing that his appeal against the election results succeeded, “but there are political parties that moved to open the crossed boxes and gave one person a thousand votes to reach Parliament “.

What happened in the Babylon Hotel?

Al-Jubouri touched on the early days of the formation of the Adel Abdul Mahdi government after forming the building and reform alliances, and revealed the reason for leaving the meeting of the parties of the Reform Alliance that was held in the Babylon Hotel in September 2018.

He said, “I came to the Babylon Hotel and participated but I hate the show meetings. I spoke nervously and asked Explaining the nature of the understandings, because the meeting took place after the first session of Parliament when the Speaker and his two deputies were elected.

He added, “You have got information indicating that there is an agreement between the parties of reform and construction to settle matters. If there is a collection of gains under the title of reform, this means deception, and I told them you wanted a sectarian bloc, why do you move for your personal exploits, and then you left “.

He continued, “The candidate for reform for the presidency of the parliament at the time, Khaled al-Ubaidi, was not supported by parties from the reform, and this is disturbing to me and this is deception and I cannot continue.”

A new map in the engineer’s home!

Al-Jubouri also revealed the scenes of a meeting attended by leaders of Sunni political forces, including Al-Khanjar and Al-Halbousi, at the home of former Deputy PMF chief Abu Mahdi Al-Muhandis.

Al-Jubouri said, “The share of the Sunni forces was 5 ministries with the position of vice president, but the Sunni forces asked at that meeting that I did not attend, to write off the position of vice president in exchange for a sixth ministerial portfolio.”

He added, “The engineer informed me of this personally,” explaining that “the map of positions changed after that, to become the share of the Sunni component of 6 ministries.”

“Halbusi owes”!

On the dispute with Al-Halbousi, Al-Jubouri said, “A history links me to him and tells me you are part of what he has reached,” adding, “Now I look at myself and have the same as the creditor and the debtor. I am a creditor and he is a debtor. He made a promise to me but he did not fulfill it.”

And he stated that “the promise relates to the entitlement of his party, which is one of the ministries in the Abdul Mahdi’s government, which was taken from him to be compensated”, while he continued by saying “I remained the most patient party of the party and appeared as a bad negotiator after Al-Halbousi retracted his word.”

He continued by saying, It is implemented for certain circumstances that I am not concerned with, and has used tools to block everything that gives you strength or influence within a philosophy that is either with me or be against me. ”

He also emphasized,“ Al-Halbousi did not support the assumption of the position of Minister of Defense, and the issue reached the point of choice, but with an effort from them. This is not done. ”